Jim Carrey Says Dr. Robotnik and Riddler Would Be a Great Team

Next month, Jim Carrey will step into the role of Dr. Ivo Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog next month. In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Carrey explained how Robotnik has something in common with another villain he portrayed – Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler from Batman Forever.

Well, I think I think they’re both basically spinning,” explained Carrey. “They’re both spinning in the tree of knowledge. They’re leaping from branch to branch and falling occasionally.”

However, Carrey suggested that Robotnik and Riddler might find common ground.

“I wouldn’t put one against the other,” said Carrey. “I think they’d be a great team. But you know, it’s like Robotnik and every super villain basically comes from a place of neglect with a feeling of absolute worthlessness that manifests itself in in magnificent creations that are designed to control the world, put their brand on everybody, and maybe even get inside your bloodstream with some nanotechnology occasionally.”

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In a separate interview with Jake Hamilton, Carrey expressed a willingness to play Robotnik again.

“I wouldn’t mind going to do another one because it was so much fun, first of all, and a real challenge to try to convince people that I have a triple-digit IQ. There is so much room, you know, Robotnik has not reached his apotheosis.”

Sonic the Hedgehog will hit theaters on Feb. 14.

Would you like to see a Robotnik and Riddler team up? Let us know in the comments below!

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