Jon Kasdan Teases the Beginning of Pre-Production for Willow Series

Thanks to some kick-ass series like Stranger Things, the Eighties have never been so popular. And now it seems that another blast from the past is going to see the light soon. Lucasfilm’s high-fantasy movie Willow is finally getting a sequel series, after years of rumors and shipwrecked projects. Recently, writer Jon Kasdan let the fans know on Twitter that he is already at work. The Solo: A Star Wars Story screenwriter shared a photo of a screen board with what seems to be a branded hat from Willow teasing that “the office is open.”

You can check the photo below.

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The Willow series will include the involvement of director Ron Howard, who announced that Warwick Davis will reprise his lead role. Howard directed the original movie back in 1987, with George Lucas as a producer. The story followed the adventures of a would-be magician, Willow Ufgood. Even though the movie was far from a box-office success, Willow has gone on to become a cult film.

When asked about the upcoming project, Howard revealed to that the story “would focus a lot on Elora Danan, although Willow would have to be significantly involved.” Elora is a young girl whom Willow had protected when she was an infant. She is also the main protagonist of the Chronicles of the Shadow War trilogy, the novels that Lucas and former X-Men writer Chris Claremont set in the same world.

The Willow series will most likely debut on Disney+. Are you happy about the upcoming Willow series? Let us know in the comments section below.