Dark Side Rey Double Lightsaber Replica Comes at a Hefty Price Tag

Does the $200 for a custom lightsaber at the Disney Parks’ Black Spire Outpost sound a tad steep? How about the new Kylo Ren black series lightsaber replica for $300? A pittance next to the latest Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker weapon, which comes at a cost of $1,599.99. Dark Side Rey’s dual-blade saber has been the talk of fandom ever since it appeared in that early teaser. And Lucasfilm is clearly betting on that early enthusiasm translating into healthy profits.

Is Rey actually going to the Dark Side? Is it a hallucination? A brief flirtation with danger? We don’t know. But we’d tend to bet against Lucasfilm permanently corrupting their franchise’s biggest female role model since Leia Organa. One thing we do know is that this twofer Sith saber is cooler than Darth Maul’s, due to that all-important hinge in the middle. Snap it back and forth like a butterfly knife, or just hook an opponent’s saber between parallel blades.

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According to the official product description, “It is machined out of solid aluminum with all metal details pieces. This replica is based on a detailed study of the actual prop and reference materials supplied by the Lucasfilm production team. This lightsaber is screen accurate not only in the geometry, but down to the detailed weathering, as well. Also, the hinge mechanism is the same one that was used in the actual prop.” The included base is hardwood. So at least buyers will get extra authenticity and coolness for their cash.

If Rey will not turn to the Dark Side…perhaps you will? Let us know in comments if wielding this badass blade is your style.