The Emperor Gets the Last Word in The Rise of Skywalker’s New TV Ad

Everything ends, even in the Star Wars universe. Next month, director J.J. Abrams will close the book on the Skywalkers in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. However, there’s someone who may beat Abrams to the punch: Emperor Palpatine.

In the latest TV spot for The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine gloats that he will have the final word on the Skywalkers. Although at this point, there are only two Skywalkers left: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and his mother, Leia Organa-Solo. Luke Skywalker became one with the Force in The Last Jedi. Even if Kylo Ren could be saved, he can’t undo the murder of his own father. Because of that, the Skywalker legacy is doomed to end in tragedy. Unless of course, there is another…

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It’s still unclear how or if Palpatine survived his apparent death in Return of the Jedi. But it’s long been rumored that Palpatine was responsible for the birth of Anakin Skywalker decades before he became Darth Vader. Perhaps we’ll finally see if this fan theory is correct.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will hit theaters on Friday, December 20.

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