CBS is Planning a Zorro Reboot With a Female Lead

Deadline is reporting that CBS TV Studios is developing a new Zorro TV series. However, this one will have a female lead, rather than the traditional male Zorro. The show is part of a first-look deal with Propagate, a production company run by Ben Silverman and Howard Owens. 

Rather than take place in the past, the new Zorro will have more of a “modern day” setting, according to the report. It will follow Z, a female descendant from the Zorro bloodline, as she fulfills her duty to “protect the defenseless in her community.” Alfredo Barrios Jr. (Burn Notice, Magnum P.I.) is on board as both writer and executive producer. 

Zorro was introduced way back in 1919, in an issue of All-Story Weekly. He’s a predecessor for the modern superhero, as well as  the subject of several American film serials, movies, comics, novels, and TV shows.

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However, it’s been awhile since Zorro appeared on either the big or small screen. The last film was 2005’s The Legend of Zorro (pictured above), with Antonio Banderas playing the lead character. At one point, a new Zorro movie, Z, was in the works; but there’s been no word on its progress in a long time.

The deal between CBS and Propagate also includes a pair of other projects. One is a new drama called Home from writer Jorge Reyes. And the other is a yet untitled project by Fear the Walking Dead scribe Melissa Scrivner-Love.

There’s no word yet on an air date for the new Zorro series, or if it’ll go to CBS or CB All Access But, hopefully, it’ll have swordplay and derring-do like the classic Zorro serials of old.

What do you think about Zorro making a comeback with a female lead? Let us know in the comments below!

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