Take Antonio Banderas Home With This Lifelike 12-Inch Zorro

The Mask of Zorro turns 21 this year, but instead of buying it a drink, you can buy yourself the most detailed figure of its star you’ll ever see. Sorely under-merchandised at the time, Martin Campbell’s Zorro film spawned a sequel, made Catherine Zeta-Jones a star, and remains a beloved ’90s action classic. But truth be told, the world has been needing Antonio Banderas toys for quite a while now. And it looks like the actor finally agreed.

Now, for $279 (payment plans accepted), Alejandro Murrieta’s swashbuckling alter ego can come home in three dimensions. And it’s scarily/stunningly accurate. How many of you reading this thought that picture above was an actual photo of Banderas? It’s the toy.

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Zorro comes with two different heads an arsenal of weapons, wanted posters, and judging by the photos, realistic sexy chest hair. Multiple hands allow him to grip his cane, daggers, whip, and sword. The newly developed figure body has over 30 points of articulation. Plus since the outfit is removable, you could put the figure in a suit to play Desperado. Or literally any of the multiple movies in which Antonio Banderas wears a suit.

If this sells well, as it surely must, maybe a Catherine Zeta-Jones figure will be next. Or Anthony Hopkins’ Don Diego/Zorro. More Zorro is good. Just please not the kid from the sequel.

Check out multiple angles of this Banderas figure for your viewing pleasure in our gallery below. then tell us what you think in comments!