Joker Opens With an October Preview $13.3 Million Record

Even though it’s not a typical comic book film, Warner Bros.’ Joker should have no trouble bringing in superhero money. Todd Phillips’ Joker movie just claimed a huge preview night record for October. It earned $13.3 million across 4,374 theaters. This is a pretty strong start, and Joker is likely to bring in $75-$85 million for the weekend. It could even go as high as $90 million, depending on how it plays out.

Joker’s opening night allowed it to easily unseat the previous October champion, Venom, which opened last year to $10 million. However, it’s unlikely to match that Venom‘s $880 million worldwide box office due to its R-rating.

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With its final first weekend tally, Joker should sit comfortably alongside other R-rated comic book film openings. While it won’t match Deadpool or its sequel – it will still likely be ahead of 300 and Watchmen. It could come very close to beating Logan’s opening weekend of $88 million.

Joker is certified fresh with a ranking of 69 percent, with an audience rating of 93 percent. Warner Bros. will likely stick with the R-rating for its next DC Comics-themed release, Birds of Prey, which arrives in February. However, Wonder Woman 84, will likely revert back to PG-13 in June 2020.

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