The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Writer Offers a Few Hints About the Show

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Writer Offers a Few Hints

Next year, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will become the first MCU original series on Disney+. However, the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame makes us wonder why it wasn’t called Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson is going to be the new Captain America. And according to one of the writers behind the show, that will be a big part of the story.

During a recent takeover of Discussing Film’s twitter account, screenwriter Derek Kolstad was asked if the series would depict the MCU’s response to “a black man as Captain America.” Kolstand replied “Oh, yeah. And then some.” However, that tweet appears to have been subsequently deleted. But Kolstad touched upon it again when he said that it was “intimidating” to be the first one to explore Sam as Cap.

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Kolstad created and wrote the scripts for the John Wick trilogy. While that has given Kolstad an enviable reputation for action, he indicated that Marvel had to remind him to pull back.

“It’s challenging, to be sure,” wrote Kolstad. “My dialogue gets edited -for good reason- as does some of my action. I’ve heard the ‘yeah, you can’t do that kinda’ kill at Marvel’ a couple of times.”

Additionally, Kolstad indicated that he would incorporate feedback from Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan about their respective characters. “The best idea always wins, and who better to have them than those who bear their characters so proudly.”

Mackie and Stan will be joined by Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter and Daniel Brühl as Helmut Zemo. Wyatt Russell has also joined the cast as John Walker a.k.a. U.S. Agent.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will hit Disney+ in Fall 2020.

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