Booster Gold Writer Says His Screenplay is Finished

Given the amount of upheaval concerning Warner Bros. plans for DC’s A-list superheroes, it’s easy to forget that a Booster Gold film was even happening. Last we heard, Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti was planning to direct and produce the movie, which apparently takes place outside the continuity of the DCEU. Where Booster Gold fits into the studio’s list of priorities remains a mystery. However, writer Zack Stentz insists that his script is ready whenever they are.

Via Revenge of the Fans, Stentz revealed that his Booster Gold screenplay has been completed for some time. Unfortunately, he painted a bleak picture regarding when the film might actually go into production.

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“I do not know what’s going on with it right now, honestly,” said Stentz. “And I don’t know if the DC people know what’s going on with it. Their strategy seems to change depending on how […] most recent movie did. But I can tell you that a script has been turned in that the director and producer, Greg Berlanti, has proclaimed himself to be very happy with. And it’s something that’s ready to go, but DC and Warner Bros. would need to give the green light to it. The ball is in their court.”

Stentz previously lent his talent to the superhero genre with passes on the Thor and X-Men: First Class scripts. With a pedigree like this, Booster Gold could be a fun, lighthearted romp that takes advantage of the recent successes of Aquaman and Shazam!. Plus, with the right leading man, it has the potential to turn a B-list character into a household name.

Do you hope Booster Gold eventually makes his way to the big screen? Who would you like to see playing the title character? Let us know in the comment section below!

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