William Sadler Will Return As Death In New Bill and Ted Film

William Sadler Returns As Death In New Bill and Ted Film

Fans of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures got some good news last week. Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter confirmed that the third chapter in the saga, Face the Music, will go into production this summer. It’s destined for an August 2020 release- and it looks like the duo won’t come alone.

A new tweet from the Bill and Ted Twitter account confirms that William Sadler will return. He will once again reprise the role of the Grim Reaper, or, as Bill and Ted refer to him, Death. “For those who have been asking, @Wm_Sadler will totally be reprising his role!” it confirms. It then added a “You have sunk my battleship!” GIF from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey for good measure. (You can see it below, dudes.)

Death played a crucial role in the second film, as Bill and Ted face off against him after “dying” at the hands of “evil robot us’s”. They eventually beat him and befriend him (after giving him a “Melvin,” of course.) He later joins the Wild Stallyns for the sequel’s conclusive jam.

On top of that, the account also acknowledges the late George Carlin. When one fan asked about the role of Rufus possibly being recast, the team didn’t hold back. “He’s so deeply missed by all who worked with him on the previous two films. His character will not be recast, but his absence will be a part of the whole third movie – including what is possibly the most emotional scene of the film.”

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This is good news to fans that realize Carlin’s presence isn’t something you easily replace. And, for that matter, seeing it addressed in the third film is sure to be a fitting tribute to him.

The plot revolving around the third film is under wraps at the moment. But considering Death will make a return, you never know who might show up the third time around. Perhaps we’ll see those technical wizards Station show up again.

Bill and Ted Face the Music shoots this summer, under director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest). Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, who wrote the first two films, have a script ready to go.

The film will hit theaters in summer 2020, likely around August depending on filming. Are you ready to see Bill and Ted on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below. Party on, dudes.