Marvel’s She-Venom Returns on Death of the Venomverse #2 Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Derrick Chew’s variant cover for the second issue of the five-part limited series Death of the Venomverse.

Death of the Venomverse #2 is slated to hit comic shops this August. Chew’s cover features none other than Anne Weying/She-Venom, ex-wife of Eddie Brock/Venom and mother of Dylan Brock. The long-dead She-Venom is one of many characters set to venture across space and time in order to take the fight to Carnage as part of the “Summer of Symbiotes” event.

Check out Derrick Chew’s variant cover for Death of the Venomverse #2 below:

Created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley, Anne Weying first appeared in 1993’s Amazing Spider-Man #375. She assumed the identity of She-Venom as part of the five-part limited series Venom: Sinner Takes All in 1995. Anne ultimately met her demise in 2000’s Amazing Spider-Man #19. In 2018, actor Michelle Williams brought Anne to live-action via the Tom Hardy-led Sony film Venom. She even briefly became She-Venom towards the end of the movie.

What is Death of the Venomverse about?

Death of the Venomverse comes from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Gerardo Sandoval. Issue #1 launches on Wednesday, Aug. 2. According to Marvel, the series “will see Carnage set out to slay every last symbiote in the Marvel Multiverse to become ruler of all symbiotes and the new King in Black!” However, “[h]e’ll have his work cut out from him, as symbiote heroes and villains from throughout space and time emerge to take him down, including some of the new characters that recently debuted in EXTREME VENOMVERSE.”

Death of the Venomverse #2 goes on sale Aug. 9. The issue is written by Cullen Bunn, David Michelinie, and Taigami. It is illustrated by Gerardo Sandoval, Justin Mason, and Taigami. Björn Barends provides the main cover art.

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