Jessica Chastain Teases Her Dark Phoenix Character

Some might say the latest Dark Phoenix trailer went a little overboard with new info about the movie. However, Jessica Chastain’s role in the film remains a source of mystery. Little is known about Chastain’s porcelain-haired villainess besides the fact that she apparently goes by the name “Smith.” For whatever reason, it looks like the filmmakers are keeping her identity a secret until the movie opens on June 2. But when Chastain appeared on The Tonight Show earlier this week, she offered new details about the threat her character poses to Jean Grey and her fellow X-Men.

“I play this character from another world and I come to Earth because Miss Jean Grey has a power that I want to harness for my own uses,” said Chastain. When Fallon asked if her character wants to harness the Phoenix Force for good or evil, Chastain let slip a potentially huge spoiler. “I think the power’s for good, but other people might think it’s for evil. I mean, I get to beat up a lot of X-Men in the movie…maybe kill some?”

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Dark Phoenix writer and director Simon Kinberg also discussed Chastain’s character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“She definitely is mentally as strong as Jean,” said Kinberg. “Jean cannot read her mind. Like you see in the trailer, she can manipulate others minds so that they see things that she wants them to see. But she has a whole suite of powers that we explore in the movie; some of them are mental and some of them are physical. There’s a whole sequence where she basically takes apart the X-Men.”

You can watch Chastain’s interview with Fallon below, then let us know what you think in the comment section!