Wade Practices Self-Censorship in New Once Upon a Deadpool Clip

Wade Practices Self-Censorship in New Once Upon a Deadpool Clip

People tend to do crazy things during the holiday season. But for Wade Wilson, nothing is crazier than pumping the brakes on his shamelessly vulgar witticisms. In the newest clip from Once Upon a Deadpool, the character demonstrates an exceptional amount of restraint in more ways than one.

The clip is presumably taken from the start of the movie. It shows actor Fred Savage waking up tied to a bed in a seemingly flawless recreation of his character’s room from 1987’s The Princess Bride. Savage notices that he’s even wearing the same pajamas from that movie, which Deadpool apparently dressed him in himself. Before the former child star can utter a perfectly warranted “WTF,” Deadpool cuts him off. “The only F-bomb we’re using around here is ‘Fred Savage,’” he says.

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Deadpool goes on to explain that being in a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 means the characters have to follow certain rules. Specifically, they are only allowed “two s**ts, one f**k, and a glass of white wine.” The Merc with a Mouth even has his own bleeping remote to ensure that nobody steps out of line. The film’s new rating also requires the violence to be toned down. With this, don’t expect to rewatch the X-Force members’ grisly deaths or see Juggernaut tear Wade in half with his bare hands.

Once Upon a Deadpool releases tomorrow and will continue its limited theatrical run until Christmas Day. As a bonus, a portion of the film’s box office gross will benefit the F**k Cancer organization. To reflect the movie’s domesticated tone, the charity will temporarily rebrand itself as “Fudge Cancer.” Check out the new clip from the film below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!