NECA Brings Dinosaurs’ Captain Impressive to Comic-Con

NECA doesn’t typically get the major superhero licenses, but they find ways to do their own unorthodox takes and properties. They made figures of The Phantom, for example, as well as Preacher and The Boys. But years before Homelander carried the flag for Vought, Earl Sinclair was a corporate superhero named Captain Impressive for his employer, WESAYSO.

Earl, for those who aren’t familiar, is a dinosaur, from the Henson company’s prehistoric, animatronic sitcom Dinosaurs. Initially a hit, with its instantly marketable Baby Sinclair and his catchphrase “Not the mama!”, the show’s ratings declined relative to the expense required to produce it, leading to one of the most infamously depressing series finales of all time. In it, the Sinclair family and every other dinosaur await imminent extinction from a rapidly changing climate.


Before that, they had many wacky adventures, including Earl’s brief transformation, via toxic waste, into Captain Impressive. Wanting to be a hero, he soon found himself as a corporate representative since his employers owned the waste that transformed him. NECA, which previously made figures of Earl and Baby in their everyday outfits, now has a Comic-Con exclusive coming of Captain Impressive. He includes interchangeable gloved and ungloved hands, a switch-out unmasked head, and an official Captain Impressive trachea plug. His superhero suit is a fully tailored cloth outfit and includes a wired cape for posing.

For any fan who can’t make it to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, NECA will be holding an online presale for their exclusives running June 26-28 at The NECA Store online. Otherwise, your best bet is to hit up the NECA booth at SDCC early and often. Expect a price tag in the $40-$50 range. Like with the Sinclair family, there’s a decent chance time will run out on supplies in the end, but your Dinosaurs collection need never go extinct.

Check out some official images below: