NECA Comic-Con Exclusive ALF Figure Is Literally That

ALF is coming to San Diego Comic-Con, and his exclusive action figure got dressed up for the occasion. More or less. For legal reasons, he’s technically attending “Cosmic-Con,” a convention with an eerily similar location and logo, presumably on his home planet of Melmac.

No Problem!

NECA‘s exclusives are usually pretty easy to score, so ALF’s catchphrase likely applies to acquisition. But he’s also equipped in a manner that should make it a snap to cover Cosmic-Con, particularly because his accessories strongly suggest it’s still the ’80s, when such conventions weren’t shoulder-to-shoulder packed in.

Though ALF’s generally chill with being naked, he has a removable cloth shirt in summer style. Sunglasses, and of course a Cosmic-Con badge complete the ensemble. Then there’s his press equipment — unless he’s just a really masochistic hobbyist. A VHS camcorder, a brick of a cell phone, and a film camera with flash are hefty things to lug around all day. but ALF isn’t the type to back down. Like every other attendee, he also sports an official con bag that can be worn as a backpack. The figure includes extra hands for different accessory holding, like most NECA figures.

Cosmic-Con ALF costs $40 and comes in a window box with flap. Though he’s primarily a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, recent such exclusives have been available elsewhere later. So, there’s probably more than one way to get a Shumway.

Do you want to secure your own convention-going version of the cat-snacking puppet with attitude? Take a look through the official images below and decide for yourself.