SDCC 2023: Diamond Select Figures, Statues, Busts

Following Diamond‘s Rebel Moon action figures debut, we can now confirm the first two figures should hit stores around the movie’s Netflix release date in December (with at least one more wave tentatively planned). The toymaker is aiming for a $24.99 price point, due to having minimal accessories. That won’t be the case for their House of the Dragon action figures, coming in at $29.99 and fully weapons laden.

Queens and Lords

Fantasy worlds can clash with Diamond Select’s Lord of the Rings line continuing. Next up, Saruman and Sam. And in a sign that McFarlane seems finally done with the license, Diamond’s taking over The Walking Dead figures with black-and-white comic-based characters (and possible color variants). Rick and Michonne kick things off.

Muppets figures will continue with Pepe and Uncle Deadly, while the Jaegers of Pacific Rim: Uprising get new repaints. McFarlane is rumored to have the rights to the first film now, so Diamond’s just doing the sequel. When it comes to Marvel, we got a look at Crimson Dynamo, and artwork for a large Annihilus en route.

Larger statues include the likes of Beta Ray Bill and the Cave Troll, though Diamond’s popular $60 PVC dioramas will add many more to the ranks. Notable in these is a G.I. Joe 60th anniversary piece featuring the original Joe Colton fighting a giant snake. In a nod to the toy’s past, he will have flocked hair and beard.

Notable among this year’s crop of Star Wars busts is a Nabrun Leids for Halloween, and a McQuarrie-styled TIE pilot. As for the super-sized Kenner figures, Skiff guard Lando and 8D8 may impress, but the whole classic pre-CG Rebo Band is clearly the highlight of the line so far. Star Wars Select action figures are on hold, awaiting ShopDisney decisions to proceed.

Prefer 1/2-scale busts? The Last Ronin would like a word…

There’s more, and it’s mostly self-evident. Check out all the rest of the reveals in our gallery below: