The Iceman Cometh to Diamond Select Marvel Figures

Summer’s approaching, so what better way to spruce up your collection than with some ice? Iceman, that is, of the X-Men, skidding into comic and specialty stores this week as a new Diamond Select Marvel action figure. One of the more popular X-Men due to his also being one of Spider-Man’s Amazing Friends in animated form, Bobby Drake is a clear choice for toy collectors … literally.

We See Right Through Him

Cast in translucent plastic, this Iceman looks set to freeze his foes, and look extra-cool doing it. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue and sculpted by May Thamtarana, Iceman comes with an ice slide diorama base, and interchangeable parts. Among those are swappable heads — bald or hairy — and interchangeable belts. Big and bulky, or stylized with an “X”? Your choice.

Iceman runs around $29.99, and is in 7-inch scale, so he’ll play well with McFarlane DC figures. He could also, in a pinch, serve as an army builder for ice-powered characters in any line — even Frozen’s Elsa could conjure someone like this if needed.

Diamond has made plenty of Spider-Man figures in the past, so now the real question is: will they make a Firestar to complete the vintage animation trio? Or is Iceman strictly viewed through the lens of his more mutant brethren? More X-Men figures never hurt, for sure.

Take a look at more images and angles on Iceman in the gallery below. Then stay cool till he arrives at your favorite retailer for purchase, which should be any moment now.