Hasbro’s Star Wars Con Exclusives: Krrsantan and Starkiller

Had Hasbro followed their usual pattern for Star Wars Comic-Con exclusives, we ought to have seen a figure from the Ahsoka show debut in deluxe format. That looks not to be the case this year, and indeed the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year is a surprise. Krrsantan, in Vintage Collection 1/18 scale, was already set to debut as a deluxe figure at Walmart later in the year, but for SDCC he’s packed in a much fancier box that opens up for display. He includes “collector grade” deco and 14 accessories, including extra hands. He’s $39.99, and ought to ship pretty quickly once ordered.

The Apprentice Lives

The Black Series exclusive will debut at Pulse Con instead ands feature The Force Unleashed’s Starkiller with two Stormtroopers. Sixteen accessories in all come with them, including a Force energy circle, lightning hands, and both Jedi and Sith lightsabers. These three come at a premium price of $110.99

Like Krrsantan, expect Starkiller to show up later down the line, but probably with fewer accessories. For San Diego, pick up a special code that takes you to a site where the item is for sale (non-congoers can hope for extras to come to the regular Hasbro Pulse website). For Pulse Con, which takes place online, stay tuned for drop times and dates. These are the sort of variant figures most can appreciate: not essential to a collection of major characters but gussied up enough to impress impulse buyers at a show.

Take a look at the official images below, and make your choice: