Titan Class Decepticon Nemesis Towers Over Transformers Foes

Hasbro turned the Autobot Ark into a giant converting robot, so it’s only fair to do the same for the Decepticon spaceship Nemesis. Here, at last, is the evil flagship that pursued the Ark as it escaped Cybertron. But this time, it’s not just a spaceship … it’s also one of the largest Decepticons ever. Both flagships would eventually crash on Earth, beginning the lengthy battle that spanned Generation 1 of The Transformers cartoons.

More Than Fits the Shelf

Nemesis is a female Decepticon who stands just shy of two feet tall in robot mode. Action features include a 36-step transformation, ship tower, five blaster accessories, and four Seeker micro-figures that plug into her spaceship mode. In addition, the ship’s wings split apart to form blaster and axe accessories. The Tech Specs that used to be visible through red filters can now be obtained with scannable codes.

This mighty, monstrous robot runs $199.99 at Hasbro Pulse, where it’s still in stock as of this writing. Other retailers may also pick it up, but fans should find better quantities online than in physical stores. If you’re still looking for an Ark for her to fight, Amazon has it for $149.99.

Check out all the official images below. Then please let us know if you’ll purchase the mighty Nemesis in the comments beneath!