Transformers Debuts New Toys From Bumblebee’s Cybertron Prologue

Ask any Transformers fan what their favorite part of the movie Bumblebee was, and they’ll probably mention the Cybertron prologue. After years of being told the Generation 1 designs weren’t practical for a live-action movie, everyone got to see them faithfully adapted to the big screen. Making toys of them specifically, however, didn’t necessarily become a priority right away, because they looked similar enough to existing versions of the figures. But now, as the Studio Series line continues movie-based ‘bots, Hasbro just reached the next logical step. And that’s completely faithful versions of the characters seen in that introductory scene.

Soundwave, Ratchet, Brawn, Wheeljack, Shockwave, Soundwave, and Ravage kick off this latest phase of Bumblebee toys. Moreover, Shockwave and Ravage will even introduce the extra-small Core Class to Studio Series. This makes sense for Ravage, who can fold to fit inside Soundwave’s chest, duplicating the cassette-player gimmick despite neither actually taking those alt modes any more. It’s a little odd for Shockwave, though, since Studio Series figures usually stay in scale with one another. And frankly, as the Decepticon leader in Megatron’s absence, he seemed much larger.

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Still, it’s not like Transformers have never had scale issues before. The toy line originated with a main character who shrinks down to handgun size. And will never appear in Studio Series because of post-’80s realistic toy gun laws.

Check out the new figures in the gallery below. Then name your favorite in comments.

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