Super7 Conan Figures Finally Add Subotai and Valeria

Super7‘s latest wave of Ultimates action figures based on Conan the Barbarian technically counts as wave 5, even though it’s only the second full wave. Wave 1 consisted of four figures: Conan, Rexor, Thorgrim, and Thulsa Doom. Wave 2 consisted of only one figure: a “signature pose” Conan. Wave 3 went up to two figures, with a camouflage Conan and snake-headed Thulsa Doom. The fourth consisted of a King Conan figure and his chair, which were sold separately. Fans wondered if they’d ever see other key characters like Subotai and Valeria.

Is it worth the wait?

Wave 5 finally returns to four figures, though one is pretty much just a repaint. It’s themed around the climactic Battle of the Mounds, with a new Conan variant, newly painted Thulsa Doom, and entirely new Subotai and Valeria. It’s the first time in the line for both Conan’s love interest and his partner-in-theft. Subotai comes fully armed and includes a bow with actual elastic string. (You’re not supposed to shoot tiny arrows with it, but you probably could.)

Valeria might not be the variant that collectors would have chosen first. It’s the warrior spirit version, in heavenly armor, appearing to Conan after her death. The figure’s light on accessories because Valeria didn’t need any in that scene. Still, it has a nice shiny finish, and now that they make a Valeria body, expect more versions if this one sells. In a pinch, she also looks enough like William Stout’s She-Ra movie concept for the Masters of the Universe movie and can play with those Ultimates figures on the same shelf.

Thulsa Doom should be a boon to any who missed out on the series 1 figure, which this repaints more colorfully. And Super7’s Arnold likenesses have been iffy, but the screaming face on this new one seems an improvement.

These figures go for $55 each. One can preorder them directly from Super7 or save on shipping at Entertainment Earth. However, only full-set orders from Super7 will come with an exclusive weapons pack featuring bloodied bonus swords and more.

Take a look through the gallery below for more images. Then tell us what you think in the comments!