Color-Change Zartan Leads Super7 G.I. Joe Ultimates Wave 4

Cobra’s master of disguise and leader of the Dreadnoks lends his star power to the latest wave of Super7 G.I. Joe Ultimates, wave 4. And yes, he turns blue-ish in sunlight, though he doesn’t come with masks. Based on the cartoons and some of the comics, these 7-inch figures feature animation-specific accessories, multiple heads, and hands. This wave also features the first non-convention exclusive variant: a Baroness in black costume, including a helmeted head and “people’s eyebrow” head.

Facing off against the bad guys will be good guys Gung-Ho and Stalker. A classic Marine and Ranger, they come fully ready for battle, and in the wake of popular Hasbro renditions of both. Particularly cool pack-ins this time include Baroness’ spitting cobra, Stalker’s jetpack, and Gung-Ho’s model tank.

As usual for Super7, each figure costs $55, with preorders open for around a month. For those who prefer to pay later, however, once the items actually show up in stock, Entertainment Earth and other sites have them with free shipping on larger orders. (Note: Superhero Hype earns fees for every Entertainment Earth purchase made through site links. Save 10% on in-stock orders through those same links.) This time, however, there’s a bonus for preordering the full set at Super7 — an extra weapons pack.

Take a look through the gallery below for more images. Will you preorder any of G.I. Joe wave 4, now you know? Let us know in comments, because that’s half the battle, after all.

Zartan feels the blues when the sun's out.

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