Hasbro’s 10-27 Reveals: Marvel, Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Transformers

1027 is the street address of Hasbro HQ in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. So in the manner of making every date of numerical significance a dedicated “day” now (like, say, 4-26 being Alien Day), 10-27 became a day to roll out new toy reveals. In a livestream shown only to Pulse Premium members, the company showed off a few new figures from flagship properties Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. They also revealed and launched the HasLab Ghostbusters proton pack that they unofficially announced this past weekend.

From Star Wars in the 6-inch Black Series scale, The Bad Batch will soon see completion with the additions of Echo and Omega. Return of the Jedi‘s Bib Fortuna comes with multiple drinking glasses to recreate an old behind-the-scenes photo. And finally, the Rogue One Jedha Stormtrooper wears an orange pauldron and lots of extra gear.

G.I. Joe Classified adds the Cobra Officer, who’s a partial resculpt of the Cobra Infantry trooper with new gear. And the long-awaited Alley Viper, in bright orange and purple urban graffiti colors, will arrive soon. Transformers adds truck robot Lift Ticket.

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Marvel scored high marks for announcing X-Men animated figures last week. Today, they expanded the line with Mr. Sinister In a longer-term reveal, they also showed a comic-based Iron Spider, who uses an all-new Spidey body and sports metallic paint.

As for that HasLab proton pack? It’s gonna run $399.99, and does not include the neutrona wand. But Pulse Premium members who order it in the first 48 hours will get extra ectoplasm attachments for a slimy look.

Check out the images in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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