McFarlane DC Fulcum Abominus Wave Offers Two Megafigs

Dark Nights Metal offered up some pretty crazy Batman variants, but one of the wildest was Fulcum Abominus. It’s essentially an evil Justice League Megazord, formed as a combiner of multiple robots, each individually designed to exploit a particular Leaguer’s weakness. Made at the behest of Mongul, it’s now stored in the Hall of Justice. And a megafig of it can be yours for $39.99. McFarlane Toys loves Batman and crazy big robots, so it’s a gimme for the DC Multiverse line.

The second Megafig in the wave is Kalibak. This firstborn son of Darkseid comes ready to pulverize in a massive new sculpt.

But the wave has two regular-sized figures as well. From the Arkham video games, first comes Arkham Knight Batman in his Earth-2 skin…

…followed by the cool-dude Riddler from Arkham City.

Our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth have the preorders up for an April delivery. The two Arkham figures feature a slight price increase at $22.99, which is still below comparable 6-inch figure lines at other companies, and way below most 7-inchers. (Superhero Hype may earn fees from any purchase made through EE links; you can get free shipping on orders $39+ with this one.)

Will you preorder any of these guys. Let us know in comments below!

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