Marvel’s Wastelanders Finale Brings the Audio Drama Series To a Close

More than a year after Star-Lord introduced listeners to a haunting, post-apocalyptic future of the Marvel Universe, the sun is officially setting on the House of Ideas’ Wastelanders franchise. However, the epic saga is going out with a bang. Starting this week, the closing installment of Marvel’s scripted podcast series kicks off with a new story that brings all the heroes (and one seemingly-reformed villain) from previous stories together for one last fight.

Wastelanders notably features the voices of all five A-list performers who headlined Marvel’s earlier podcasts. This includes Timothy Busfield as Star-Lord, Stephen Lang as Hawkeye, Susan Sarandon as Black Widow, Robert Patrick as Wolverine, and Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom. Over the course of 10 episodes, these characters will team up against a common enemy: Valeria Richards. Val is best known as the daughter of Fantastic Four mainstays Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

However, the years since V-Day (a.k.a. The Day the Villains Won) haven’t been kind to Valeria. After surviving a nuclear strike on Southern California, Val somehow acquired the Cosmic Cube, which took a toll on her sanity. Now, she threatens to unleash a brand new evil on what’s left of the United States, leaving it up to the titular Wastelanders to stop her once and for all.

Kimberly Senior directed all 10 episodes of Marvel’s Wastelanders finale. Additionally, the new story features the all-star writing team of Nick Bernardone, J. Holtham, and Mark Waid. Lindsay Jones composed the music for the series.

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“Working in the aural sphere challenges us all, artists and listeners, to expand our imaginations,” said Senior in a statement. “The series is equal parts hilarious and deeply moving, navigating big questions around grief, power, loyalty, and trust. Directing the final installment and bringing together the astounding talent from previous episodes made for a deeply textured experience with all the webs of relationships and stories we’ve developed over the series.”

“One of the most thrilling aspects of Marvel storytelling — whether as an audience or a creator — is when separate story threads weave together to create something rewarding for fans, that still somehow stands alone,” added Ellie Pyle, Marvel’s Digital Media Executive Director. “This series unites talent from across all our Wastelanders podcasts for a truly epic team-up.”

The first episode of Marvel’s Wastelanders is currently available to stream on all major podcast platforms. The remaining chapters will be released on a weekly basis until the series’ conclusion.

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