Super7 Brings King Conan and His Throne to Toy Form

It’s one of the most infuriating sequel teases ever, because nobody ever followed up on it. In the original Conan the Barbarian movie, we see an aged-up King Conan, many years later. Yet while Arnold Schwarzenegger and various filmmakers have talked and talked about a King Conan sequel over the years, it never happened. Instead, fans got what they didn’t want: a lackluster Conan the Destroyer, the Conan-like Kalidor in Red Sonja, and a Conan reboot with then-unknown Jason Momoa.

We may never get the movie, but Super7 will deliver the toy. Continuing their line of Ultimates figures based on the original movie, the company will next offer up King Conan. And as they have done in several recent lines, they’re selling his chair separately. The king comes with an alternate head, dagger, sheath, and Conan’s signature sword, which is again too long, proportionately, but never mind. A soft, furry cloak finishes off the outfit. The throne includes a spear, seat, and base. It’s $55 for the man; $45 for his seat.

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Super7’s Arnold likeness still isn’t great, but one thing we can say about the figure is that his hair and beard look a bit more authentic than they did onscreen. Arnold was still a young man in old guy makeup; now that he is a senior citizen, it’s time to do it for real. And if he won’t, use the toy to create your own scenario.

Preorder directly from Super7, or save on shipping at Entertainment Earth. (Note: Superhero Hype participates in the Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Entertainment Earth.) Take a look through the gallery below for more images.

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