The MCU’s New Black Panther Gets a Wakanda Forever Action Figure

Her identity remains technically a mystery, and this toy doesn’t clear it up with any kind of bonus unmasked head. Still, Hasbro just released a new Wakanda Forever action figure of the new Black Panther, as seen in the trailers so far. Those wrist gauntlets and dots on the face strongly imply a certain someone in that suit, but it’s not like Marvel Studios to spoil everything. So there very well could be a curveball at play. Maybe it only evokes a certain someone because they designed it, even if someone else wears it? (The movie has not yet screened for Superhero Hype, so consider this speculation, not spoilers.)

We’ll find out when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens on Nov 11. In the meantime, this Black Panther figure just includes extra hands, and sells for the standard Marvel Legends price of 24.99. Find the figure at Hasbro Pulse right now, or anywhere else Marvel Legends sell. Our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth have it for the same price; Superhero Hype may earn fees based on those purchases.

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Perhaps down the line, we’ll see variants with more extras and a true identity reveal. Until then, however, this is the only way to get the new Panther in time for the movie.

Will you pick her up now? Do you think it’s who it looks like? Let us know in comments.

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