Hasbro PulseCon 2022 Transformers Reveals Include a Lion King

Was Optimus born in July? Because Leo Prime kicks off Hasbro‘s major PulseCon 2022 Transformers reveals. As part of the ongoing livestream today, the Transformers team rolled out a bunch of new stuff, mostly from the overall universe line that’s now, post-Netflix, called Legacy Evolution. A special gimmick feature called Evo Fusion includes special weapons with features like combining part or pop-out deployment.

With prices rising everywhere, it’s not surprising there’s a focus in Core Class, the new smaller size, which will see versions of all the Dinobots, in animation colors. But these are combiners — collect them all to build Volcanicus! Slug and Sludge will see release first. And speaking of combiners, Breakdown will allow collectors to complete Menasor. Also in Core Class will be Soundblaster.

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Deluxe class will include Needlenose with two Targetmasters, Armada Hotshot, and the new Junkion, Scrapbook. Voyagers include Tarn and Leo Prime. The Shattered Glass series will continue with Heroic Soudnwave, and the Shattered Glass Characters will also cross into the Magic: the Gathering collectible card game. We can also expect a new Transformers video game base don the upcoming Nickelodeon cartoon, Earthspark.

The panel ended with the unexpected reveal of an official Transformers Autobot Lite Brite, 16 square inches large, with 6,000 pegs. It can create three different designs: Optimus, Bumblebee, and the Autobot logo. Or whatever pictures you can create!

As with many reveals today, some preorders will begin on Hasbro Pulse today at 5 p.m. eastern for members, and 6 p.m. for everyone else. Check out our gallery of screencaps below.

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