The Fallen Leads the Latest Round of Transformers Movie Figures

The Transformers Studio Series keeps going strong, with plenty of movie-related ‘bots to do and redo, all in the current scale. The latest round derives from both the live-action movies and the classic animated film, each with the same level of detail and similar scale. Leading off this round will be a leader-class version of The Fallen, who hasn’t really been redone since the second Michael Bay film came out. Since he never showed an alt-mode in the movie, the design for that looks different this time. Though it’s basically another version of twisting his parts into a robo-pretzel and calling it an alien ship. He also now includes his staff and a removable mask to show his true face.

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Crosshairs, voiced by John DiMaggio, shows up in his look from The Last Knight, Also from that same movie comes its unique version of Hot Rod, or ‘Ot Chrrrrrrod, as his French-accented self declared in the movie. Both of these cars come in deluxe class.

From the larger voyager class we get Ironhide, as seen in the animated movie’s Decepticon shuttle ambush scene. It’s the version that becomes a red van. All four of these figures will arrive Jan 1st, with most sites selling preorders now.

Check out the official pictures in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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