Comic-Con Transformers Reveals: Alpha Trion, Orion Pax, Megatron

For the last few years, the Transformers Legacy toy line followed a “trilogy” story arc, mirrored by the Netflix CG show. Beginning with the War for Cybertron and culminating in a Generation 1/Beast Wars crossover on Earth, it allowed for detailed updates to most favorite characters while staying true to their classic looks. But with the Netflix series over, the line lost a narrative. With a couple of new Comic-Con Transformers reveals, Hasbro‘s Ben MacCrae talked to Superhero Hype about what’s next.

“We’re focusing on the toys,” he explained. “So Legacy will be told through a toy story, with more entertainment decisions to be made by our franchise team as we move into the next phase of what Transformers will become.” So for now, many of the toy choices are “continuing to build out those micro collections and add some fun and exciting characters to the line that maybe haven’t gotten done recently.”

Another major factor? “Designer’s preference!” Though he notes that his own personal favorite, Seaspray, which was his original Transformers toy, has yet to be approved. And the movie-based Studio Series will continue.

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Yesterday he got to reveal a key set from Transformers history: Alpha Trion and Orion Pax. If those names don’t sound familiar to the casual fan, they probably know the latter better as what he became: Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion powered up the young Orion Pax to become the famous leader, and Michael Bay’s movies used elements of Alpha Trion in their design for Sentinel Prime.

Balancing out the key moment of Autobot leader transformation, Hasbro also revealed Transmetal II Megatron, the mutated upgrade of Beast Wars’ enemy leader. And the only appropriate upgrade for a dinosaur is a fire-breathing dragon. We got to take some exclusive up-close shots of the packaging, as seen above.

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