Comic-Based Venom Symbiote Figures Three-Pack Goes On-Sale Today

We only just saw them at Comic-Con, and preorders are already ready to begin. Completing the five Life Foundation symbiote figures, Agony and Riot will arrive in a three-pack with their arch-enemy Venom. An Amazon exclusive, it should appear live on-site for preorders beginning at 1 p.m. eastern time. Anticipated price? $78, which sounds as close to a deal as Marvel Legends get these days, considering Riot’s an oversized figure.

Riot and Agony’s cohorts Scream, Phage, and Lasher saw release in previous Venom figure assortments. This set completes the quintet in one go. And it adds a different Venom. This take on Eddie Brock uses the Omega Red body, and comes with a newly sculpted head.

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The Life Foundation symbiotes originated in the Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries, which shifted Venom from villain to antihero. Essentially agreeing to a non-aggression pact with Spider-Man, he refused to hurt innocents. But when a former victim seeks revenge, some of Eddie’s symbiote gets extracted to create his new foes. The first Venom movie used some of this storyline, minus Spider-Man and all but one of the symbiote foes.

Each figure comes with bonus hands. For Venom and Agony, extra closed fists can switch out for open claws. In Riot’s case, a large blade can replace either hand. Venom also comes with an extra full-Venom head.

Will you complete the symbiote figures team today? Do Hasbro need to rerelease the other three now? Let us know in comments.

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