SDCC 2022 Masters of the Universe Toy Reveals From Mattel and Mondo

Mattel just might have won Comic-Con preview night as far as toy reveals go. The Masters of the Universe Eternia playset, one of the most insanely great oversized playsets of the ’80s, looks to have gotten an all-new sculpt for their display. Scaled to Origins figures, and by default the vintage toys as well, it’s rumored to be a Mattel creations offering down the line. We don’t know what it might cost, but if that monorail is motorized and everything works like it did on the vintage, it’ll fetch a pretty penny. But vintage sets run in the thousands, so it might seem like a relative deal.

The Origins line will also deliver a He-Man anniversary four-pack, featuring Origins-style variants of Filmation He-Man, New Adventures He-Man, MYP He-Man and Netflix CG He-Man. And it’s adding to the ranks of Sun-Man and the Warriors of the Sun as well.

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The CG animated line offered a couple of surprises that feel like possible spoilers. Mer-Man, Moss Man, and Despara will join the line. And that last one’s interesting, because while the CG cartoon has been known to change things up a lot, Despara in the DC Comics becomes She-Ra. Fans had assumed the animated rights for her were separately held, but maybe not?

At any rate, more She-Ra characters will come to the Masterverse line, including Shadow Weaver and Frosta. Other female figures include Sorceress and God Lyn, alongside dudes like New Adventures He-Man, Stratos, Man-E-Faces, and Sun-Man’s enemy Pig Head.

Meanwhile, over at Mondo’s booth, the 12-inch Battle Cat and Trap Jaw looked pretty sharp. Check them all out in the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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