Playmates Announces Street Fighter II vs. TMNT Figure Two-Packs

Hadouken, dude! In a battle that makes sense to any early ’90s arcade rat, Playmates will pit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles against world warriors in a series of four new figure two-packs. Via CBR, the first two Street Fighter II vs. TMNT figure sets pit Leonardo against Ryu, and Michelangelo against Chun-Li. They’ll be followed by Guile vs. Raphael, and Ken vs. Donatello.

In an unusual design twist, the Turtles look like hand-shaded variations of the Mirage Comics renditions. Yet they have the colored bandanas and lettered belts of the cartoon. They’re certainly not video game variants as we’ve come to expect them — no pixels evident. The Street Fighter characters, however, look to feature the more collector-focused super-articulated bodies, rather than basic Playmates figure articulation. When the Turtles did a similar figure crossover with Cobra Kai, the Karate Kid crew did not have the double-knees or elbows. So expect these to cost more than the $29.99 price point those commanded. Maybe $39.99 or more.

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Playmates has not yet announced a release date. But the idea is to figure into this year’s 35th anniversary of the original Street Fighter game, and come out by fall.

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