Super7 Expands Toxic Crusaders Ultimates With Two New Figures

Based on the toys based on the cartoon that was very loosely based on Troma’s The Toxic Avenger, Toxic Crusaders Ultimates by Super7 are expanding. The company tested the waters with three different variants of Toxie, a.k.a. the Toxic Avenger himself. Now they’re adding another one, plus two newly revived characters. And they’re probably not the two you’d first guess.

Toxie’s the same base figure as before, now in cartoon colors and with an animation-specific smiling head. He’s joined by ally Junkyard, a big ol’ dog with alternate tongue-hanging head. The original figure had a folding tongue and opening mouth — the dual heads help to recreate that effect. Third in this series is an enemy army builder: the Radiation Ranger. As incompetent as they are intimidating looking, these bad guys frequently serve as punching practice for the heroes.

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Unlike Super7’s TMNT figures, the Toxic Crusaders look to mostly feature accessories in the same one-color scheme as the original Playmates toys. But Troma characters never worried too much about realism to begin with. That would require a budget. And speaking of…these figures go for $55 each. Preorder directly from Super7, or save on shipping at Entertainment Earth. (Note: Superhero Hype participates in the Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Entertainment Earth.)

Will you start collecting Toxic Crusaders anew? Want to see more? Let us know who, in comments.

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