Exclusive Glow in the Dark Toxic Crusaders Ultimate Toxie by Super7

America’s favorite unrated gross-out Troma movie turned kid-friendly cartoon and toy line is back! Some months ago, Super7 revealed their Toxic Crusaders Ultimate Toxie figure, in the style of Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats Classics. Today, Entertainment Earth revealed an exclusive glow-in-the-dark variant. What’s more, rather than sporting the Playmates toy-inspired neon color scheme, this Toxie wears a green tutu and torn pants that more closely resemble the original Toxic Avenger movie colors. Two heads also come packed with him, one of which is more movie-ish without the cartoon’s headband.

Glow in the dark features were common in the original Toxic Crusaders toys. Toxie himself had one eye that glowed. They also featured clever ways of dispensing slime; the old Toxie figure did so through the mop head. As Super7 designed this figure to be an adult collectible, that’s unlikely to be a feature here. But it does feature a patriotic American flag; this Jersey boy loves his country, no matter how polluted.

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The original 1984 The Toxic Avenger movie, featuring an early bit part appearance by Marisa Tomei, began life as Health Club Horror. It followed the story of uber-nerd Melvin Furd (later renamed Melvin Junko, with no explanation), who falls into a barrel of toxic waste after a prank goes bad. Mutating into a muscular creature with super-powers, he goes around violently disemboweling evildoers and criminals. Most of whom, to be fair, are even more vicious and violent than he is. Full of nudity and head-crushings, the movie nonetheless somehow spawned a ’90s toy line when Playmates noticed the superficial similarities to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Entertainment Earth’s Toxie is coming in July. Will he light up your collection? Take a look at our gallery below and then let us know in comments.