Star Wars Rebels-Era Ahsoka Tano Gets a Premium Format Statue

Everyone may be talking about Rosario Dawson playing her these days, but the animated Ahsoka Tano won fans’ hearts first. After a controversial debut in the original Clone Wars pilot movie, she grew as a character and grew on viewers. Furthermore, by the time she showed up on Star Wars Rebels to battle her former master Darth Vader, everyone felt the suspense and tragedy. And now Sideshow has immortalized that version of Rebels-era Ahsoka in a premium format, mixed-media statue.

Ahsoka comes in a dynamic pose wielding both lightsabers, on a Malachor-themed base. Order exclusively from Sideshow, and get a separate standalone piece depicting her owl-like companion Morai. The quarter-scale Togruta Force-wielder — don’t call her a Jedi any more! — stands around 19.5 inches atop the crumbling Sith temple base.

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From the official description: “The polystone Ahsoka Tano Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to capture the energy and action of her animated presence in a three-dimensional statue format. Ahsoka’s vibrant orange portrait bears her distinct white facial markings, and her face is framed by her white and blue patterned montrals and lekku. Her costume features a blue-grey bodysuit with sculpted skirts, belts, arm guards, shin guards, and detailed tan tassets at her hips. In her hands, her unique white-bladed sabers are unsheathed in anticipation of a fateful duel.”

Preorder now for $585, and see her arrive next summer. Accordingly, the Rebel intel source also known as Fulcrum shows up when she’s good and ready. Get a good look at more angles on her in the gallery below.

Will the former Padawan take her place amongst your collectibles? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

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