Two-Foot Tall Darkseid Maquette Is Here to Dominate Your Shelf

Darkseid needs to be big. Ever since he showed up in the Kenner Super Powers Collection, he’s towered over other superhero figures. But that stood a mere six inches. The new Darkseid maquette from Sideshow Collectibles has more heft than that. At a mighty two feet tall, this Lord of Apokolips earns the right to the statement “Darkseid is.” Because he just is.

Rendered in polystone, this ultimate villain stands atop the wreckage of the Hall of Justice. His right hand features a paint effect to make it seem glowing. His left, however, stays behind his back. Arguably suggesting he could win any battle with it proverbially tied there. And the Sideshow exclusive version packs in an extra alternate head that’s less angry and more classic.

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From the official description: “The polystone Darkseid Maquette features a fully sculpted costume and rough, muscular physique based on the New God’s appearance in DC Comics. The Lord of Apokolips prepares a blast of power from his palm, which is painted with a heat-like color effect, signaling the strength of his cosmic powers. Darkseid wears an intimidating scowl on his helmeted portrait, and his blue uniform is detailed with the Omega insignia as well as weathering and realistic textures, giving the figure a dynamic and conquering presence in your collection.”

Preorder Darkseid now for a delivery late next summer, and get a jump on paying the $650 price tag. As always with Sideshow, an installment plan can make things easier. Get a better look in our gallery below.

Will Darkseid dominate your room? Let us know in comments.

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