Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Ian Malcolm Figure Bares His Chest

Mattel’s Jurassic Park toy designers got so preoccupied about whether they could, they never stopped to think about whether they should. But the fans will decide. In any other year, the new Chaos Theory Ian Malcolm might have become a  Comic-Con exclusive. In the new COVID reality, It’s going online at Mattel Creations in three days. (Fans can sign up now for notifications.).

The $25 figure comes packed in a special case that resembles Ian Malcolm’s in-universe book about dinosaurs. Open it up to reveal the injured chaotician reclining on a diorama base. Press down on him to activate lighting effects and eight different signature Jeff Goldblum lines.

The figure is a resculpted variant of the Hammond Collection 3-3/4 inch action figure. And the base features foot pegs to add more humans or dinosaurs to the display.

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Now you can decide if Ellie Sattler’s proposed follow-up to the theory — dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth — comes true or not. Will this figure end up in the mouth of a giant dinosaur toy? Or just lie there, staring at you with that look, shirt wide open like the popular meme? Chaos reigns.

Will this figure prove worth your $25? Let us know in comments.

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