Hot Toys Shows Off a Shockingly Good New Electro Figure

He’s back, and he’s no longer blue. Jamie Foxx made an electrifying return to Spider-Man movies in No Way Home as a multi-dimensional Max Dillon. Now in a new body that suits the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s more comic-faithful takes, this Electro controls more power than ever. And his clothes feature the familiar green and yellow color combo. Because his appearance remained top secret until the second trailer or so, licensing will slowly catch up to this look. And as usual, Hot Toys gets there first, with a stunningly screen-accurate Electro figure featuring all the effects needed to make him look good.

From the official product description: “Meticulously crafted based on Electro’s appearance in the movie, the movie-accurate figure features a newly developed head sculpt of Max Dillon a.k.a. Electro with stunning likeness; a detail recreation of his practical outfit with real-like cables; lightning effect accessories including a star-shaped mask inspired by his original design from comic pages; and a figure stand.”

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As usual, Sideshow takes preorders, which in this case cost the standard $285. Payment plans are available, with the figure expected by Christmas of next year. Take a look through the gallery below for multpile looks and angles.

Will Max electrify your collection? Let us knwo what you think of this Electro figure in comments below.

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