SilverHawks Ultimates Series 3 Finishes Most Key Characters

SilverHawks, the cartoon, still has more options for more action figures. But as of SilverHawks Ultimates series 3, Super7 will have remade most of the key toys that ’80s kids remember. Most striking, of course, is the villain Mo-Lec-U-Lar, not to be confused with Eternian dentist Mo-Larr. With his distinct silhouette and transformation ring, as well as transformation hands and bird sidekick Volt-Ure, he’s an atomic-level threat to the heroes.

Joining him in villainy is Mumbo-Jumbo, a mob enforcer who goes through victims like, well, a bull in a china shop. He also comes with a weapon bird, Airshock.

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On the good side, magician turned winged warrior Hotwing bolsters the ranks of the SilverHawks. (Being a nonconformist, he looks more like a GoldHawk, but that’s another conversation.) He battles evil with his Eye of Infinity, laser blast effects, and Gyro Fighting Hawk. Keeping him and his fellow Hawks in line is Commander Stargazer, the 300+ year-old Cyborg. Extra hands let him point, salute, or wield weapons, as well as hold his sidekick Sly-Bird.

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