SilverHawks Ultimates Figures Wave 2 up for Preorder

Super7‘s investing big in SilverHawks. Not only will the company produce a new animated series; they’re also busting out a second series of SilverHawks Ultimates figures. Before they’ve even sent out the first wave. (Note: Wave 1 figures, including the oversized Mon*Star, can still be had at Entertainment Earth. As EE affiliates, SuperheroHype may earn fees based on purchases.)

Since they’ve gone all in on an $85 Mon*Star for wave 1, they might as well go all the way. A bonus accessory of the villain’s transforming chair will sell separately from the wave. Now, Super7, if you’re going to do that, we need Mumm-Ra’s ThunderCats transformation tomb playset too. Anyway, wave 2 also includes a pre-transformation Mon*Star, who’s almost more frightening.

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New hero additions include Steelwill, and the distinctive singing space cowboy Bluegrass. The latter lacks wings, but more than makes up for it in guitar blasters. That are secretly birds. No transforming features here, but the sidekicks do come in bird and guitar form.

Rounding out the wave is weather-controlling villain Windhammer, with creepy face and weather effect attachments. Preorder them all from Super7, or save on shipping at outlets like Entertainment Earth.

Take a look at more detailed images and packaging mock-ups in the gallery below. then let us know what you think in comments!

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