Super7 SilverHawks Get Re-Metallized for Wave 4

The most distinctive feature of the original ’80s SilverHawks figures was their shiny, vac-metallized bodies. Most fans who called for a relaunch probably presumed that feature would remain intact, but when Super7 revived the line as Ultimates, they had no such chrome effect.

The reason why was obvious to those who know much about toys — it’s exceedingly difficult to sustain the vac-metallized effect on a fully articulated modern figure. The coating tends to flake and chip easily when repeatedly rubbed, as a tight joint would do. It’s not impossible — Bandai makes fully articulated model kits of shiny Star Wars characters like C-3PO and Captain Phasma — but those feature intricate internal articulation systems and higher price points.

Shiny Happy Figures

Super7 explained the change by saying the figures were based on the animated series designs and made them as pearlescent-shiny as possible. Now on Wave 4, however, they’ve finally bit the bullet and brought out the vac-metallized finish. The two figures to get shiny makeovers, Steelheart and Quicksilver, feature less articulation and a warning that, “Due to the fragile nature of the vac-metal finish, this figure should be handled with care and posed delicately to avoid chipping or cracking.”

The entire Wave 4 consists of “toy colors” repaints, so along with the two heroes come villains Mon*Star and Buzz-Saw and their weapon birds. The oversized Mon*Star once again costs a hefty $85. Meanwhile, the somewhat large Buzz-saw and fancy-deco Steelheart and Quicksilver have been raised to $65. Order all four from Super7 to get an exclusive bonus alternate heads 4-pack. Prefer individuals and combined orders with other items? Alternate retailers should be getting in preorders soon.

For a better look at the metallized SilverHawks and toy-colored villains, official renders are below: