Lord Zedd and His Throne Lead Power Rangers Ultimates Series 3

Super7‘s Power Rangers Ultimates Series 3 finally completes the original Mighty Morphin lineup. Black Ranger, with both Zack and Adam heads, and Blue Ranger, with Billy heads with either glasses or not, can join Yellow, Red, Pink, and Green. (White will undoubtedly come next.) While many Ultimates waves feature at least one minor character, this one goes A-list all the way. Arch-villain Lord Zedd, monster-maker Finster, and the original Dino Megazord make up the roster. If this were to be the last Ultimates wave, it would at least have covered the major bases.

Similar to the way Super7 made Mon-Starr’s throne for Silverhawks, they’re also making Zedd’s throne for Power Rangers as a separate “figure.” At Super7’s site, it appears to be included in the all-in group bundle. At other sites, not so much. (Entertainment Earth is an affiliate partner with Superhero Hype, and may earn fees based on sales through site links.)

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Expect the figures to show up maybe, possibly next July. Preorders, as usual, will remain open for a month.

Accessories include weapons in both monochrome toy colors and detailed show-accurate paints. The Dino Megazord includes tiny in-scale Pink and Yellow Rangers. (It also arrives in time to fight Super7’s Godzilla.) Lord Zedd includes a snake and alternate helmet head with sligghtly bigger smile. And Finster comes with multiple small clay models to bring to life.

Check out the full image slideshow below. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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