EXO-6 Reveals Enough 1:6 Star Trek Figures to Bankrupt the Ferengi

As an entirely indpendent toy company focused exclusively on high-end Star Trek figures, EXO-6 usually releases one new one every couple of months. But considering just how many new figures they showcased at the official Mission: Chicago convention, they need to pick up the pace. It could take years, and a small fortune, to grab every one of the great new reveals. They seem to have showcased new 1:6 Star Trek figures from every live-action iteration save the currently on-hold Kelvin universe.

From the classic series and its movies, we have Kirk and Spock in TMP uniforms, Wrath of Khan uniforms, and TV show formal dress. McCoy, Mirror Sulu, Commander Kruge, Talosian, and classic Captain Pike (old and young) join them.

From The Next Generation era, Locutus arrives with a Borg alcove. LaForge comes in two variants — on-set colors and on-camera colors. Riker is still a Number One guy.

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Deep Space Nine brings Sisko and Quark. Tuvok and Seven of Nine represent Voyager. And Enterprise‘s Captain Archer of course comes with Porthos.

From the modern, Paramount Plus era, Captain Burnham and Saru were expected, but Emperor Georgiou is a surprise. Strange New Worlds Captain Pike, maybe not as much.

Follow EXO-6 on Twitter for even more images, as the only official press pics so far just feature figures from the first three movies. You can see them in our gallery below.

What 1:6 Star Trek figures owuld you like to see? How many of these can you hope to afford? Let us know in comments.

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