EXO-6 Debuts First Three Star Trek: Picard Figures

Star Trek: Picard season 3, and the series as a whole, just ended. And if you’re any kind of fan, odds are some tears made their way down your face as the events unspooled. For anyone who wants to relive or reenact any of the ten-episode arc, EXO-6 has your back. The official toy company for 12-inch Star Trek collector figures just announced three figures from the season, via StarTrek.com. And since they’re from the first half, they don’t spoil anything climactic.

Jean-Luc Picard makes the obvious first choice. Now a retired Admiral, he’s depicted in civilian attire, with his Admiral’s combadge the only sign of his former career. Unless you count the phaser, perhaps. What are the Federation’s open carry laws, anyway?

EXO-6 perfectly captures Vadic, the main villain of the season. Obviously the toy can’t duplicate her powers, but it replicates Amanda Plummer’s face perfectly. The Captain of the Shrike comes with “various accessories,” so we don’t know yet if EXO-6 observes any taboos surrounding smoking or not. Because they make the figures to order and not for retail, they have the freedom to make her crooked space cigars if they choose.

Finally, we get Worf. The Klingon officer, veteran of Deep Space Nine and more than one Enterprise, claims these days to be a pacifist. And he’ll cut off some heads to prove it, because swords are fun. Here’s a hoping the figure includes a severed Ferengi noggin.

EXO-6 will announce further details at a later date. For now, gaze upon their craftsmanship, and tell us what you think in comments!

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