McFarlane Toys and LEGO Will Make Avatar 2 Figures and Sets

From a toy collector’s point of view, it’s very good news that more collectible-focused companies will soon get the toy rights for James Cameron’s Avatar. From the perspective of anyone who wants to save money, maybe not. As Avatar 2‘s marketing starts to gear up, toy news comes down from the Walt Disney Company’s Stephanie Young, speaking to License Global (vie Preternia on Twitter). LEGO and McFarlane Toys will be the primary beneficiaries of toy licensing deals. Avatar 2 figures and brick sets shall ensue.

The LEGO deal will include sets from the first film as well as the sequel. As for McFarlane, the usual style of action figures will of course arrive. But in addition, Young says, they’ll make “feature items with lifelike motion.” While little noticed by collectors, McFarlane’s Shark-Shark water toy will likely be the model for those, since much of the sequel seems water-based. This will also mean McFarlane will simultaneously hold toy rights to both Avatar and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Other Avatar items will include a mobile game and a touring, interactive exhibition. Additional licensees mentioned include adidas, Disguise, Duvetica, Citizen, Trends International, Hallmark, Ferrero, and Zing, and fans can probably guess what those might entail.

What would you like to see LEGO take on from the first film? Let us know in comments!

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