Controller and Infinity Ultron Are Marvel Legends’ Next Build-a-Figures

Due to all the “attempted” secrecy surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home, Hasbro still has no announcements regarding Marvel Legends figures of the villains or alternate Spideys. But that won’t stop them from revealing new stuff, though the latest wave doesn’t have an obvious theme. For September’s comics-based wave, the build-a-figure will be Controller, who’s mostly a Thanos repaint. Included in the wave: Iron Man (Alex Ross design), Thor (Fortnite style), Speedball, Madame Hydra, Blue Marvel, US Agent, and Quake. Quake also includes alternate parts to make her into Maria Hill instead. These all hit the new price point of $24.99, just when we’d gotten used to $22.99.

That’s not all. The Rhino build-a-figure from a previous Spider-Man wave gets a single release on an animated series card, with two new heads and tighter shoulder joints. His $38.99 price tag goes down easier when one considers the price of buying the six figures previously needed to get him. An upcoming Spider-Man figure will feature the Future Foundation Stealth Suit, possibly as part of the 60th anniversary line that’s coming.

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And expect another Disney+ wave soon. The previously shown Hawkeye and Kate Bishop join that one, with What If…?‘s Infinity Ultron as the BAF. Here’s hoping for a live-action Kingpin at last. Finally, Storm will join the Hasbro Pulse and ShopDisney exclusive X-Men animated line, with new deco and VHS-style boxes.

Check out the images below to see them all. As of this writing, Entertainment Earth still has preorders up for all the available figures save the Storm exclusive HERE. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.)

Which is your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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