First Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Figures Are Repacks

The officially corporate branded day thing is getting a little silly. “May the 4th be with you” is a funny Star Wars pun. But “April ‘Pool’s Day”? Yes, Hasbro is trying to make that a thing, and on April 1st, you’ll be able to order two “new” Deadpool & Wolverine action figures. They’re repacks, reissued under new “Deadpool Legacy” branding, and Hasbro’s press release promises, “Fans can rest assured, we can confirm there will be new Marvel Legends figures based on the upcoming film Deadpool & Wolverine; stay tuned for more details!”

In the meantime, these really are two of the best Marvel Legends figures ever made, from a toy team that had been chomping at the bit to do figures based on the Fox Marvel movies and finally got permission when Disney bought them.

Figure Origins: Recent!

The Hugh Jackman Wolverine figure was originally an Amazon exclusive, and this time includes a bonus head from the mass-release motorcycle jacket Wolverine. This figure depicts him in his tank top, as seen in Deadpool 2’s end credits scene, which in turn is repurposed from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The figure includes swappable clawed and un-clawed hands, along with dog tags.

Deadpool originally came in a 2-pack with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, as a way to ensure both figures sold. He is in the classic red suit, and comes with katanas, guns, one knife, six hands, and a simulated-plush unicorn.

At the time they originally came out, both figures were considered premium and priced $5 more than most for the privilege. These rereleases should run at the more standard price of $24.99, which you rarely see for a figure with as many accessories as this Deadpool. They’ll both be available to preorder at Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, and anywhere online that Marvel Legends action figures are sold.

Take a look at more images below: