Thor: Love and Thunder Characters Revealed by Hasbro and LEGO

WARNING: This article contains MINOR SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder that will probably be revealed in the first trailer. If you wish to remain unspoiled until then, click away!

It’s unusual for toy companies to reveal details about Marvel movies before any official trailer comes out. And yet Thor: Love and Thunder kicks off its early hype with some Hasbro and LEGO reveals that mostly serve to confirm some things we’d assume anyway. Via and Good Morning America, Hasbro released images of its bargain-priced, kid-centric Titan Heroes. And LEGO followed suit with a set that reveals the film’s villain. Or at least his stylized LEGO appearance — extrapolation from that may not come as easily as some may think.

For the Titan Heroes, it helps to keep in mind that such figures generally feature limited paint ops, and the more colorful image on the box probably represents the movie more closely. Nonetheless, they give us an idea of Thor and Korg’s new costumes, along with Jane Foster’s new look as Mighty Thor.

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LEGO’s “Goat Boat” set offers more hints, with its Viking-style ship bearing the label “Asgard Tours” on the front. And then there’s the minifg lineup:

These figures actually include the capes, and also give us a first look at Gorr. The self-styled god-butcher played by Christian Bale looks like a mummy in a straitjacket here. But it’s tough to say how that translates in live-action. Becoming Thor seems to not only beef up Jane, but it also apparently turns her into a blonde, because Thors gotta have those Nordic locks.

Take a look through the gallery below for a little more. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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