The McBain Movies From The Simpsons Get Their Own Action Figures

The Schwarzenegger of Springfield, with even bigger muscles and less acting ability, is about to get immortalized in plastic. And maybe these toys will feature a greater range of motion — and emotion — than movie star Rainier Wolfcastle ever could. From the franchise Bart Simpson would never miss in a movie theater, it’s McBain action figures! Super7‘s ReAction figures fit in with most 3-3/4 inch characters, but a 7-inch The Simpsons Ultimate must surely be in the works.

And it’s not just the lead character getting toys. Corrupt Senator Mendoza, and a blood-splattered Scoey, join the two different McBain variants in this initial offering. Check out the first image from Super7 below:

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Note that these are from the initial McBain movie, and do not represent all of Wolfcastle’s oeuvre. But perhaps if they do well, we’ll get to see figures of the “actor” as Radioactive Man, or the father in the ultra-serious Help! My Son Is a Nerd! And we’re gonna need some Troy McClure classics next.

Per Super7’s Facebook post, these figures should become available online next week. Up and at dem!

Will you make McBain part of your collection? Let us know in comments!

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